Upgrades for Rjukan machine.

TGI, Thermix and Stainless Steel replacement kits

Transportation of profile

The friction between profile and drive wheel is lower than on aluminium. We therefore advice to upgrade the feed to double feed wheels. This can be done with all machines except MB2000. On the MB3000 and MB4xx series, this requires complete new feed and counting system. If you have a MB550 or a MB750 you just need one extra feed unit.
The bending

Wider profiles have a tendency to twist. We therefore advice the new bending head that prevents twisting. It will bend: Aluminium, Steel, TGI, Thermix, Cromatec, and Cromatec ultra. If you already have the pneumatic finger you do not have to change this.
The cutting

You need a different blade and a different rotation speed on the blade to cut warm edge profiles. We have developed a servo saw that changes the rotation speed based on the spacer type. This allows for maximum efficiency and gives the saw blade a long life span. This solution also significantly reduces the sound level of the cutting. If your machine is a MB550 you just need to change the blade.
Older machines have not been built for the production of the markets new synthetic and stainless steel warm edge spacers.
This has been an issue that we at Rjukan Metall have been working with to find a solution. The following items are known issues related to these types of spacers and the solution for them.