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Welcome to Rjukan Metall

Rjukan Metall is the producer of Masterbend bending machines and industrial desiccant fillers. Our Masterbend bends insulating glass spacer bars made of aluminium, steel, stainless steel and synthetic warm edge variants (both hot and cold bendable bars).

Rjukan Metall is based in Rjukan, Norway, where it was established in 1970 producing pots and pans.
Originally the company was established by Aage Dahl in 1945 under the name Tønsberg Metall.
Rjukan was first known in the insulating glass industry as a profile producer in the 1970's and 1980's, and in 1987 delivered the first Masterbend profile bending machine on request from one of our customers. Since then Rjukan Metall have constantly evolved the Masterbend brand, producing machines that have been distributed all over the world.
The company have been making bending machines for more than 20 years and our main marked today is both Europe and USA, but we are also in Africa, South America, Canada, India, China, Korea and Russia.

Our philosophy:

The Rjukan philosophy of customer service is clear and straightforward: To offer simpler, faster, cheaper and more efficient machines. Through continuous research and development we meet our primary objective; to remain one step ahead!

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