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D&B Business report
Date of report 03/06/2009


The Norwegian credit rating system was introduced in 1992. This is a knowledge-based expert system, created to provide credit ratings for all Norwegian business entities. Similar systems are also being used by our sister companies in Sweden, Denmark, and Finland. Today, the AAA rating, is the most known rating system in Norway, and is used by a wide range of Norwegian companies.


Structure of rating system:
The AAA rating system is very dynamic and provides the user with a newly calculated rating code each time an on-line search is performed. This entails that the rating code for a particular business entity may change during the day if new elements of information are registered. Therefore, a rating code from our on-line system is always considered to be the latest update. The rating code is determined, based on the assessment given to the 4 sub-catagories: Organizational facts, Ownership/judicial, Finance, and Payment history.


AAA Highest creditworthiness 8 %
AA Good creditworthiness 21 %
A Creditworthy 32 %
AN Newly established 18 %
No Rating Rating cannot be determined 2 %
B Credit against security 16 %
C Credit not recommended 3 %

D&B Business Report

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